Monday, April 6, 2009

Humble Pie

I raced the Knobscorcher this weekend. I had been killing it in the TBRA series and I guess I was getting a little cocky. The was a guy from Greeneville, SC that absolutely kicked my ass. He finished 5 minutes in front of me. Turns out it was his 1st mountain bike race. He is a Cat III road racer though. I introduced myself after the race. Steve Baker was his name and he was a great guy. I hope he keeps racing some. A little humble pie is good for the soul every once in a while.

2nd place felt pretty good. I felt good the whole race. That usually means I didn't go quite hard enough. Pretty much everyone was good about passing. I had one 13-29 pass me that almost took me down. I think it was my fault as much as his. Another 19=29 passed me and when I got on his wheel on the long downhill and told him to pick it up that I was trying to catch the 2nd place guy, he pulled over in the next switchback and let me by. I passed into 2nd soon after. Pretty cool. The 19-29 guy even rode the rest of the race with me and kept telling to ride my race and encouraged me to not let 3rd catch me.

A quick AMBC update is in order. This morning BHann and I met with the IJAMs folks and City Parks and Rec folks about the trail thru GA Marble. We got approval and will start flagging as soon as this week. We hope to have at least one work day before the summer foilage pops out.

Jereme Walker with Eagle Distributing has come up with another New Belgium Fat Tire Flyer for us to raffle off. He also got us permission to set up a booth at Sundown to sell raffle tickets, tshirts and memberships for AMBC. Yea Jereme!



Grand Master Clydesdale

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