Monday, January 17, 2011

Cumberland Gap National Park

Ginger and I needed to get out of the house Sunday so we decided to make the 1 1/2 hour drive up to Cumberland Gap National Park.  First we stopped in at The Sunspot for brunch.  Then we drove up Hwy 33 through Maynardville, Tazewell and Harrogate.

The road to the Pinnacle was gated because of snow and ice.  We took the opportunity to use the road for a hike to the top.  We took The Weasel (our Corgi, Kobe) with us as she needed to get out as bad as we did.

I didn't check the mileage but I think it is around 2 miles to the top.  Elevation gain is around 1300'.
As we got closer to the top the snow got heavier and deeper.  4 to 6" at the top and it was melting fast.  The views from the top are spectacular.  This overlook is to the south and is right abouve the town of Cumberland Gap.  Most of what you see from here is Tenn.


Grand Master Clydesdale

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