Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bent Creek 12/02/11

Ginger and I rode Bent Creek Saturday. 
I have driven by Brent creek dozens of times on the way to Pisgah or DuPont.  There is not as much trail or quite as scenic as DuPont but the riding is pretty close.  We got out of the car and proceeded to climb 1500' vert.  It was all ridable allthough a couple of rest stops were in order.  Ginger rode all but the steepest and/or tech sections.  Some places were still a little wet.
This picture is just above the 5 points area on the way to Green's Lick.  The big downhill on Green's Lick was fun but it would be more fun on a bike with something slacker than XC geometry.

After the big downhill we rode the Explorer Trail.  It was much flatter but a little more technical with wet roots.


Grand Master Clydesdale

Riding my bike makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again. I'm 54 years old and a clydesdale. I'm happily married to Ginger and I've got a son and two daughters, Zach, Hannah and Molly.