Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bent Creek 12/02/11

Ginger and I rode Bent Creek Saturday. 
I have driven by Brent creek dozens of times on the way to Pisgah or DuPont.  There is not as much trail or quite as scenic as DuPont but the riding is pretty close.  We got out of the car and proceeded to climb 1500' vert.  It was all ridable allthough a couple of rest stops were in order.  Ginger rode all but the steepest and/or tech sections.  Some places were still a little wet.
This picture is just above the 5 points area on the way to Green's Lick.  The big downhill on Green's Lick was fun but it would be more fun on a bike with something slacker than XC geometry.

After the big downhill we rode the Explorer Trail.  It was much flatter but a little more technical with wet roots.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. Time to build trails

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the West Bandy Trail at Big South Fork.  BHann, new park superintendent Nickie Nicholas and Joe Cross.

Trail building is now going strong at Fort Dickerson. 

We had about 10 dry days in Feb and got some excellent riding in.  The log ride on the Hickory Trail at Ross Marble.

We had a great work day at Ross Marble.  Over 30 people showed to work and get new trails opened.  BHann is preaching the trail building gospel to the congregation.

Chicken soup for all!

Southside putting the finishing touches on another great bridge.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cumberland Gap National Park

Ginger and I needed to get out of the house Sunday so we decided to make the 1 1/2 hour drive up to Cumberland Gap National Park.  First we stopped in at The Sunspot for brunch.  Then we drove up Hwy 33 through Maynardville, Tazewell and Harrogate.

The road to the Pinnacle was gated because of snow and ice.  We took the opportunity to use the road for a hike to the top.  We took The Weasel (our Corgi, Kobe) with us as she needed to get out as bad as we did.

I didn't check the mileage but I think it is around 2 miles to the top.  Elevation gain is around 1300'.
As we got closer to the top the snow got heavier and deeper.  4 to 6" at the top and it was melting fast.  The views from the top are spectacular.  This overlook is to the south and is right abouve the town of Cumberland Gap.  Most of what you see from here is Tenn.


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